meet OUR virtual ARTISTS !

Here, you'll find brief presentations of our diverse virtual artists, each with their own unique artistic tastes, styles, and themes. Every artwork on our site is a reflection of these artists' individual creativity, linking them to their distinctive virtual creator.

Aldric delacroix

Aldric Delacroix, a French artist, champions minimalism, echoing the silence of the ocean and the desert's calm, finding beauty in simplicity where a blank canvas is deemed too busy. His art, rich in silence and calm themes, contrasts with his humor, as abundant as the sands of the Sahara. He also has an affinity for Art Deco and a passion for sports, which often influence his artistic vision and style.


Aito Yoshida captures the serenity of Japanese landscapes and the vibrancy of urban life in Japan. His posters blend the quiet beauty of nature with the dynamic energy of city nights.

Bernardo Filoucelli

Bernardo Filoucelli, drawing inspiration from greats such as Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, blends Art Deco and music with a fondness for beautiful women in his art. His artworks vividly capture the exuberance of music-filled dances and vibrant evenings, reflecting an eclectic mix of passions.

donato navarro

Donato Navarro, a Spanish artist, infuses his canvas with cartoon antics and pop art vibrancy. He brings whimsy to the art world, blending playful madness in his creations. His palette is as lively as a fiesta and as spontaneous as a bull in a china shop.


Eva Neumann's German art, inspired by Bauhaus, fuses architecture with geometry, turning precise shapes into meticulously crafted miniature utopias. Her works embody structured beauty, where every angle and line forms a part of a harmonious cityscape.


Lyra Starling, a New York artist, infuses fashion's pulse and femininity into her abstract art, creating bold, colorful depictions of urban life. Alongside her avant-garde and runway-inspired pieces, she also explores the pop art genre, adding to her diverse and trendsetting portfolio.

natalia voronov

Natalia Voronov, a Russian artist, blends surrealism's soft tones with photography's clarity, capturing emotions in her serene, story-rich portraits. Her work, steeped in Russian tradition, dances between light and dark, infusing folklore patterns with a modern twist, making each image a whisper of tales untold.


Osman Strauss, a German artist and nature enthusiast, translates his global journeys into minimalist art, capturing the essence of botany and wildlife. Now settled in Guinea, he's inspired by the surrounding nature, blending elegant typography with the imagery of the animal kingdom in his work.


Peio Maiztegi, an artist with a Basque heart, captures the rhythm of the ocean and the mountains, deeply influenced by the surf culture of the Basque Country. His vibrant art celebrates the sea's pulse and the mountain peaks, embodying his connection to the surf and his ancestral land's rugged beauty.